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You can teach SAGE any rule and make it learn from you. Sage enables his tutor to define logical, morphological and mathematical rules in plain English. Sage can learn to read, listen and understand any kind of text, images and speech like a human being (including rejects and messages from any application) and act accordingly; enable users to create an autodidact intelligent robot; imitate and learn human behavior on computers and smartphones and allow users to automate virtually any task on any application. SAGE is the most accurate natural language understanding software.
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 EI Info exclusively represents  SAGE software in Israel and has developed many applications using SAGE.  Sage has developed the best and most accurate NLU software in the world. The software includes a huge library of components and interfaces. Examples : Automatic noise cleaning (image enhancement @ repair, noise removal) in images from all types of cameras (ir, x-ray terahertz) and scanners. The technology was purchased by the world’s leading manufacturers of scanners and cameras and ocr and icr manufacturers.

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Quick interfaces for dictionaries
morphology and thesaurus databases. Purchased by leading software companies for automatic correction of typing errors (writing emails and documents), ocr and asr.
NlU for development tools and databases.
Enables rapid collection of data on any object and rapid development of erp systems. Installed in israel in hundreds of organizations, including software companies , banks, marketing and distribution companies, universities, hospitals and more.
NlU (natural language understanding)
for databases and searches. Acquired by leading banks and financial companies.
NlU for planning software.
NlU for planning software. Acquired by the world's leading planning software.
Icr for languages and mathematics.
Purchased by the world's leading manufacturers of digital pens, digital boards and digital ink.
Sage is used by many companies for people
planet and profit strategy. It has a huge impact on employees, the community, the environment and the profitability (of companies).
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