Brain Building

Brain Building

Everyone can optimize their knowledge (Brain building) – activate ATS (automatic linguistic simplification, wording in easy-to-understand language for each person and computer),understand every text, word and concept, as complex as they are (active reading), understand medical, scientific, engineering , computer, legal and economic information; Develop software in natural language (SAGE) and automatically run any software and any process; Automatically decipher blood tests, build a balanced and healthy personal nutrition plan, build a physical training program (tailored to his level, inclinations, abilities and health status) and decipher handwriting in a digital pen. Brain building optimizes the understanding, learning and intelligence of people and computers as well as the memory, concentration, attention ,motivation, empathy, creativity, health (physical and mental) and the cognitive, physical and immune abilities of each trainee (Medina, brain, Marezniz,  Flexible Brain, Sligman Acquired Optimism, Snowdon); Produces intelligent people and intelligent computers; Produce schemicals in the brain and doubles its performance; Creates a cognitive reserve, constitutes a natural vaccine (preventive medicine) against dementia, stress and burnout and contributes to optimism and happiness; Prevents depression and obesity (diabetes, high blood pressure ,stroke, heart disease); Used for automatic diagnosis of MARKERS, temporary cognitive impairment (TCI – fatigue, alcohol, drugs), treatment of children and adults suffering from ADHD,depression, cognitive impairment (temporary and permanent), MS, obesity (balance of thesatiety control system in the brain) And an automatic diagnosis of cognitive and psychological abilities in job (or promotion) candidates.

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