How to make customers better remember the site and marketing information

How to make customers better remember the site and marketing information

How to make customers better remember the site and marketing information

SAGE is a semantic, revolutionary, fast, personal, learning and associative search engine (similar to human memory). AGE optimizes the recollection and learning of computers (learn to run each process automatically), employees and customers and makes customers better remember the site and the marketing information through: 

1. Accessibility of the information on the site. SAGE formulates content correctly (linguistically and conceptually) ; creates clear, unambiguous and easy-to-understand sentences, translates and adapts the information to the surfer’s language.

 2. Accurate semantic search. SAGE talks to the customer (smart bots, emails, search engine), understands what he is looking for, locates and emphasizes the keywords for each surfer (promotions, discounts, quality), greatly shortens the access time to information and response time, improves his satisfaction and optimizes service and sales .

 3. Automatic placement of photos and videos in the right key places on the site and referring the customer to appropriate photos and videos while talking to him.

 4. Automatic promotion of the site and its contents; People prefer to go to sites on the first page of search results. SAGE collects up-to-date, interesting and important information for the company (also from academic articles in various languages), translates, simplifies, summarizes automatically, writes articles (human editing is still required) and finds links that promote the site and its contents. Surfers prefer to go into videos that have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. They will not usually go into a video that has been seen by 50 viewers. SAGE significantly increases the number of views and knows how to locate and attract potential customers to videos that suit them. People prefer to buy from companies that have significant activity on social networks. SAGE significantly increases Facebook likes for each company

 5. Buying and browsing experience from another world; SAGE dramatically changes the buying experiences (including VR) and service and the number of returning customers on each site (the chances of selling to a satisfied customer are six times higher than the sales to a new customer), enables personal mailing and customized offers (Targeted marketing)  to customers (potential and existing), offers customers promotions and opportunities, helps them find and choose products that suit them, helps them pay and retains existing customers

 6. Customers remember better sites that offer bonuses. Customers prefer one (or more) free training in Brain building (Smart shopping for smart customers) where examples and articles are presented in the field of activity of the site. Brain building produces smarter and more attentive employees who provide better service to customers and sell much more.

 7. Optimizing ESG programs, including green procurement and energy efficiency.  Customers remember better (and prefer) sites of environmentally and socially responsible companies.  

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