Association-based searches

Association-based searches

SAGE is a semantic, revolutionary, fast, personal, learning and associative search engine (similar to human memory), which optimizes the memory and learning of people (brain building) and computers. SAGE enables semantic, intuitive, smart, and association-based searches (acquired by active reading).

SAGE “expands” human memory, optimizes learning and knowledge (personal and organizational), utilizes the vast knowledge inherent in millions of applications and billions of online documents, and makes complicated information and knowledge (medical, financial, scientific, engineering, legal, computing) accessible to every person. 

SAGE learns to converse (voice and text) with human beings, answer and respond accurately to questions and requests (including complicated and significant) read, understand and analyze information structured (in the organizational DB) and unstructured – in the organization (Big Data) and the Internet and automatically run any software and process, including complex processes in which human intuition is replaced by machine learning, artificial intelligence and mathematical and statistical algorithms. Examples: Automatic management of the documents and content that come to the organization or are created in it ; Performing searches that go far beyond BI and search engine capabilities (finding keywords typed by the user); Knowledge sharing between people and computers (through it between people in the organization, between people from different organizations and between living people and the knowledge heritage of dead people); Turning Insights into Enterprise Brain Decisions and Actions.

SAGE learns to automatically collect, mine and edit comparative information about similar organizations (products, work processes), competitors, customers (potential and existing) and opportunities; Advise managers, find patterns, reason and support decisions; Decide and manage; Analyze employee efficiency, quickly and reliably diagnose exceptional events, risks and frauds ; Automatically run information security software (safe, SPAM and malicious content in images and content, prevent and detect leakage of sensitive information – emails, photo, scan, print, fax) and decode images (risk hedging – security, violence, vandalism, theft, security).

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