ATS – Memory optimization

ATS – Memory optimization

ATS – Memory optimization

Anything a man can do SAGE can do  better

L SAGE has developed a revolutionary ATS software that can be activated by SAGE mouse (smart and fast interface that allows the mouse operating software to run on the fly ATS software).  

SAGE ATS enables automatic translation into simple language (linguistic and conceptual) and formulation of short sentences in simple, clear, unambiguous and easy-to-understand language for computers and human being  – Automatic Text Simplification. 

Automatic text simplification is the basis for optimal access to information for computers and people (with and without disabilities).

ATS enables to achieve 3 goals: 1. to make information accessible to people with cognitive and sensory disabilities. 

 2. Allows computers to read, understand (humanly) and remember any content – documents, data, images, natural language, scanned documents (OCR), handwriting (ICR, also in digital pens) and run automatically (without any typing) every software and every process (Robotic Process Automation or interaction in natural language with the computer), including memory optimization processes.

3. Optimize each person’s memory. 

ATS is a key component in NLU. SAGE NLU imitates the way the human brain remembers and learns, uses artificial neural networks and learns to accurately identify images and content, read and understand (humanly) any document.

SAGE mouse records and learns from users to automatically activate every mouse (keyboard, digital pen, touch screen, icons, buttons, text boxes, scrolling lists) and to automatically capture any content in documents, images, emails, free text and forms (if an undeciphered field remains, the upgraded mouse is placed on it, the next time a similar document arrives it is automatically decoded).

SAGE mouse produces software from routine user actions of the mouse and allows anyone to expand and develop software in natural language and without code (including RPA, queries, AI, interfaces).

L SAGE  (the company)  purpose 

Allow anyone to use the SAGE mouse and ATS and create SAGE computers that learn to automatically run any software and any process, including memory optimization processes (Brain building).

L SAGE developed the most accurate and intelligent Natural Language Understanding in the world. SAGE mouse and SAGE ATS are the basis for Brain building a strategy for optimizing the memory, knowledge, understanding, intelligence, concentration, attention, health status (physical and mental), and the cognitive and physical abilities of each trainee. Brain building continuously increases the formation of synapses in the brain (improving memory and knowledge in the present and creating a cognitive reserve, which prevents dementia in the future) and recruits new cells from the brain stem for cognitive activity. 

Anyone can use the SAGE mouse, develop software in natural language and without code (including RPA, queries, AI, interfaces), including green procurement and energy efficiency. The first component – automatic receipt and checking of suppliers’ invoices (emphasis on electricity, fuel and water). 

Brain building knows how to diagnose the risk factors for Alzheimer’s, analyze each person’s chances of getting the disease in the future, treat the risk factors (preventive and pharmacological treatment) and create a cognitive reserve – the ultimate line of defense against dementia. The most cost-effective insurance in the world – (single) insurance against dementia. Instead of paying a premium you get amazing immediate returns – optimizing memory, intelligence and health (Dr. Yaniv). 

Brain building also has important added values (medical and environmental) and excellent business side effects. 

Brain building trainees learn to optimize marketing and customers memory (customers remember better the site and marketing information). 

Disadvantages of existing solutions

  1. There are various applications for NLU : Microsoft Knowledge Exploration Service, Amazon Comprehend, Arria, AX Semantics, Google and others

In every test we conducted with our customers, SAGE NLU was found to be more accurate. In NLU it is easy to measure the percentage of accuracy.

  1. There are various applications for improving people’s memory : Lumosity, Fit Brains Trainer, CogniFit Brain Fitness, Clockwork Brain, Eidetic

and others. 

Brain building is a strategy that includes all the factors that affect memory and is based on the principles accepted by the world’s leading neurologists and brain researchers. Diagnosis and control are based on standard medical and scientific equipment and tests – PET, MMSE, blood tests . 

  1. There are software solutions for AP Automation Software : PaperSave AP Automation,  SAP , Tipalti, NetSuite, Paramount AP Automation And others (OCR , AI and RPA). 

These Softwares do not have a built-in and automated solution for checking the electricity, fuel and water bills  (with considerable savings in consumption). SAGE measures and significantly reduces the consumption of each electrical appliance individually. Special hardware has been developed for this purpose   

All other solutions require software development and complex implementation. SAGE does not require any development and is based on machine learning and Natural language only.

Many organizations still type vendor invoices.

All other solutions are inaccurate. In contrast, SAGE’s error rate is lower than the human account manager’s error percentage 

Quantity checking  in all organizations (excluding SAGE users) is performed by warehouses. X-ray cameras are not used.  

In all organizations (except SAGE customers) searching and rating of suppliers is done by the purchasing people and not by AI. 

  1. There are programs that improve the marketing information : Salesforce Pardot, Campaigner, Zoho CRM, HubSpot Marketing Hub And others. 

They do not handle automatic and accurate wording of the content on the site (linguistic and conceptual) . 

They do not have an accurate semantic search.

They do not automatically place images and videos on the site and direct the customer to the appropriate photos and videos while talking to him. 

SAGE solution – Brain building

Everyone can use SAGE mouse run on the fly SAGE ATS, semantic search and Automatic Text Simplification (one of the components of NLU, responsible for automatic simplification of texts, wording in easy-to-understand language for computers and each person, understanding every word, concept and text – medical, financial, scientific, engineering, legal, computing – as complex as be and in different languages) and remember the main points. 

Everyone can use SAGE ATS, learn to develop software in natural language (No-code) and create smart computers that learn to run automatically any software and any process. Everyone can automatically decipher blood tests, build a balanced, accurate and healthy personal nutrition plan, build a physical training plan (tailored to the level, inclinations, abilities and health status of each trainee) and automatically decipher a digital pen handwriting .

Brain building continuously increases the formation of synapses in the brain (improving memory and knowledge in the present and creating a cognitive reserve, which prevents dementia in the future). 

SAGE mouse and ATS are able to automatically run complex processes in which human intuition is replaced by machine learning, artificial intelligence and mathematical and statistical algorithms. 

SAGE ATS learns to read, understand and automatically check all documents coming to the organization, including vendor invoices in any format – TIFF (scanned), PDF, HTML. If an undeciphered field remains, SAGE mouse is placed on it, the next time the invoice arrives from the same vendor – it will be decrypted automatically. 

SAGE ATS  Learns to automatically check vendor invoices in ERP, immediately updating the ERP in all relevant details in the invoice (SAGE error rate is lower than human error rate) .

Special checks have been developed for electricity, fuel and water invoices (with considerable savings in consumption). 

SAGE ATS automatically receives and checks quotes from suppliers, analyzes technical material of each item and automatically ranks products and services according to cost, quality and protection of the manufacturer (supplier) for the environment, human health and well-being. 

SAGE mouse enables to automatically run any software and any process, make information accessible to every customer and optimize service, sales, marketing and memory (making customers remember the site and marketing information better). 

Why now

SAGE NLU uses scientific knowledge accumulated in recent years about the human brain. SAGE NLU imitates the way the human brain remembers and learns, and uses artificial neural networks, which include a large number of “neurons” arranged in layers. Each neuron can communicate with a number of other neurons in the system. Each neuron is able to perform simple computational operations and in turn pass on the information it has learned to the other neurons. In this way, as learning progresses, SAGE turns raw information into valuable information and learns to accurately identify images and content. In order to derive optimal value from learning, a maximum amount of examples and information must be revealed to SAGE. The training is performed automatically, without code, repeatedly. At each stage SAGE compares its results to existing information and checks whether it was indeed right to decipher. If not, it slightly changes the parameters in the relevant neurons until optimal accuracy is obtained.

The market

The Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Software Market is the most blooming and promising sector of the industry ( NLU is a key component in NLP. 

The global Natural Language Processing (NLP) market size to grow from USD 11.6 billion in 2020 to USD 35.1 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.3% during the forecast period ( Growing demand for cloud-based NLP solutions to reduce overall costs and better scalability and increasing usage of smart devices to facilitate smart environments are expected to drive the NLP market growth. The rise in the adoption of NLP-based applications across verticals to enhance customer experience and increase in investments in the healthcare vertical is expected to offer opportunities for NLP vendors. 

People spent $1.9 billion in 2019 on apps to keep their brains sharp as they age ( With an aging population worried about cognitive decline, brain training programs have seen a burst in popularity.

The global green technology and sustainability market size was valued at $8.79 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $48.36 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 24.3% from 2020 to 2027 ( 

Sustainable Procurement is evolving. This year marked a significant difference in the types of organizations who participated, uncovering interesting distinctions between organizations with mature sustainable procurement programs and those perhaps at the start of their journey.  Overall, we’re seeing continued evolution in the sustainable procurement market as awareness, importance and investment in sustainable procurement initiatives continue to grow and drive business value (

The global marketing automation market size was valued at USD 4.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 9.8% from 2020 to 2027 ( )

Owing to the digitalization of industries, rising internet penetration, and the use of mobile devices, the demand for automating marketing solutions has been increasing rapidly. Increasing demand for personalized advertising, retention of users for business growth, and need for informed advertising strategy are some of the major factors expected to drive the growth. Moreover, the rise in the adoption of IoT devices, an increase in big data, and data analytics solutions, demand for business automation, and insights will propel the market growth. 


SAGE ATS automatically translates into a variety of languages, including simple language (linguistic and conceptual – Automatic Text Simplification, individual language matching, choosing appropriate vocabulary, formulating short sentences in simple, clear, unambiguous and easy-to-understand language for computers and for every person). 

SAGE ATS understands and translates simple natural language into machine language, including natural language definitions of rules (business, mathematical, logical and linguistic – vocabulary, word relations, homonymy, morphology), used by all applications in the organization and network. SAGE ATS allows anyone to develop software in natural language and without code (including RPA, queries, AI, interfaces) ;  optimize and upgrade any application and create the world’s smart computers. 

SAGE NLU learns to automatically understand unstructured information, to replace human intuition with artificial intelligence and mathematical and statistical algorithms, to perform a semantic and accurate search of structured and unstructured information and to optimize databases (search and query capability and retrieval time) .

Business Model

Currently,  SAGE ATS  license to use is $ 11 per month per user . 

Charge for training, assimilation consulting, DBA – according to actual investment of hours (currently in Israel only). The rate – $ 150 per hour, not including travel and VAT. 

In the US and Europe the charge is made according to the actual amount of transactions. 

We can dramatically increase both the number of customers and the volume of sales per customer. 

The company has no sales people at all. Currently consultation is only available online (for Israeli customers).

With the money raised, a sales and support center will be established in the United States and Europe. 

Currently, the customers in Israel are large companies (Orian, Mekorot, Bank Hapoalim, Eldan, Kimberly and more). Customers in the US are diverse. From small businesses to huge companies. 

Founders and managers 

The company was founded by Mr. Lavi Tamir. An Israeli entrepreneur, with a master’s degree from the Hebrew university in Financial Engineering, Business Administration. Expert in automating financial processes (including risk hedging and investments) And marketing processes. Lavi is the sole owner of the company. 

Development manager and CTO is Mr Emanuel Lazarowitz, a computer and mathematics graduate from Tel Aviv  university . Has extensive experience in developing low software development environments. Had 2 exits in the past.

Additional senior members : Mr. Ram Dvash. Master’s degree from Tel Aviv  university in computers and Physics.

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