About the technology

SAGE is the most intelligent and accurate NLU software.

SAGE enables computers : to understand natural language (NLU) and the meaning of words by virtue of their organization in sentences and paragraphs ;

Read and understand scanned documents (OCR), handwriting (ICR, also in digital pens), screenshots (messages, rejects, screen reader), content, PDF, HTML , Rules (mathematical, logical, morphological and linguistic) defined in natural language , Free text, requirements of seekers (conducting a short dialogue when necessary, refining the question and providing an accurate, intelligent and unambiguous answer), emails, databases; Capture content in forms, free text, photos and emails ;

Search for information in the organization and on the Internet according to business rules and grammatical rules;

To separate the wheat from the chaff ; Decode and understand images from all camera products, including IR, terrarch, X-ray and scanners ; search for images by their parts and contents ;

automatically collaborate knowledge between workers and machines (robots), replace human intuition with AI and mathematical and statistical algorithms. SAGE include a huge library of components and interfaces to ERP, CRM, OCR, ASR, EXCEL, ML, BI, GOOGLE AI, WINDOWS AI, WhatsAPP, SP, DM, Robots for transporting and collecting, UI AUTOMATION, image recognition, image repair and enhancement, SE, Noise removal, Thesaurus