SAGE -Learning Machine

SAGE -Learning Machine

About the tech

SAGE turns every computer into a smart one (Machine learning) –  records  and understands user actions and images – screens, messages, rejects, objects (computer vision) documents (OCR) , forms, handwriting (ICR).

Sage gives everyone the freedom to create all kinds of applications , learns from you and applies your knowledge to create the perfect application for your needs ; enables users to develop any software and applications in plain english , including :  RPA

(Robotic process automation), virtual assistants , bots, integration and  ASR (voice) ; processes thousands of files in seconds , raises the Intelligence of any ERP software and enables us to automate any process. Anything a man can do SAGE can do better.

SAGE is based on machine learning. Development is simple. Anyone can use it. Users can develop within minutes what programmers will take hours to do . Sage learns to capture data and automate any software (HR, ERP, QA, encryption, translation, CRM, CHATBOTS,  WhatsApp, search,  BI, robots for conveying and manufacturing).

SAGE generates a set of comprehensive and easily read -by human- actions that can be edited and modified at any later stage. This gives users the flexibility of fine-tuning rules,  adding different actions rules.

SAGE enables full support of flow control structures, ranging from the simple Go to action to IF/ELSE constructs, and loops of course that can iterate a list, repeat a block of actions for a number of times or for as long as a condition is met. All constructs can be nested at any level, giving flexibility without the accompanying complexity. SAGE allows enabling and disabling actions, watching each action as it executes, setting breakpoints to pause execution, execute the job action by action and all that while inspecting the variables’ values and system changes.

SAGE enable users to write rules in natural language and automate any process, including : retrieving and changing the clipboard’s contents ; remapping keys and buttons on keyboards and mouses; expanding abbreviations as  typing them ; creating new hotkeys for keyboard and mouse ; creating custom data-entry forms, user interfaces and menu bars; using interactive debugging ; automating data entry by reading data from text files ( XML, CSV, Excel), database , images and audio files ; takוng advantage of  Windows tools : variadic functions ,reading signals from remote controls via the WinLIRCComponent Object Model -COM,  DLL calls and Windows Messages ;  retrieving information about Internet web pages, automating any browser .

To handle these scenarios, SAGE implements Screens Reader- that “sees” what’s on the screen and can read and understand Images, text, application comments and rejects like a human. SAGE can wait for a specific image to appear (be it a button, a control, or any part of a non-standard interface), or move the mouse and click on a specific image. This unique approach can automate tasks that are extremely complicated.

SAGE optimizes organizational and personal knowledge ; Search for information (in pictures, documents,  Internet and databases) according to business rules and grammatical rules ; Understand natural language and automatically translate into a variety of languages ​​and machine language. SAGE automatically simplifies information (including complex medical, scientific, engineering, legal and economic information), manages and organizes it linguistically and visually, processes it and formulate it in clear, simple and easy-to-understand language for everyone . The accessibility is done through individual adaptation of the language, simplification of ideas, selection of adapted vocabulary and the construction of short and clear sentences.

SAGE automatically translates mathematical, logical, morphological and thesaurus rules from English into machine language, develops software and artificial intelligence (independent of external and internal software suppliers) , talks to other machines and automatically runs any application, task and process.

SAGE learns to analyze all processes, data and transactions between people and computers; Find, share and consolidate information;  Separate the wheat from the chaff ; Coordinate and connect different content, applications and knowledge systems (Enterprise Brain).

SAGE’s accelerated calculations and reading comprehension abilities replace human intuition with mathematical and statistical algorithms , enable machines to employ advanced artificial intelligence systems ,perform semantic searches , gain knowledge, talk to other machines, converse (voice and textually) with human beings, respond accurately to to complex and significant questions and requests, advice and support decisions, optimize knowledge for employees and automate any process.

Sage can learn to  read, understand and extract text and images displayed on screens and images with 100% accuracy ,regardless font, size, color and language and automate the UI of other apps. SAGE can get text out of images and screen regions or entire scrolling windows and achieve code free integration between systems. SAGE automatically activated UI libraries and identifies UI controls at runtime based on an auto-generated query selector. It automates all operations on controls like clicking, writing text and selecting items.

SAGE saves time, money ,development, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. Pressing buttons isn’t particularly good for the user. For instance, you can’t very well answer your daily deluge of emails and chats without reading and typing, and as if to add insult to injury, odds are you’re pretty much typing the same thing again and again. SAGE can learn by himself  to read, understand and index texts and images by imitating and analyzing human actions with the mouse, stylus or touch screen. For every specific process the human tutor can add business rules in plain English; define exceptions and relationships between objects in SAGE vocabulary.

SAGE enables users to create a team of agents (robots) doing their work and  their co- workers and employees willingly, enthusiastically, tirelessly, 24x7x365 and for free. Starting from monotonous, repetitive tasks (that all computer users spend a fair amount of time every day on) and ending with very complex processes which SAGE can get them done automatically (you can concentrate on handling difficult exceptions). Anything from simple tasks, such as downloading a file or performing a backup, to complex ones that consist of multiple steps, for example: optimizing the intelligence of robots and computers ; automatic data entry (retrieval, extracting, search) for any ERP and CRM software, statistical and mathematical calculations, modeling, simulations , investments and automatic translation. No need to hire programmers, or mess about with windows scripting. SAGE can build the  most advanced, yet easy to use,  intelligent robot that can easily handle any type of task no matter how easy or complicated that might be. SAGE can read and understand text, images, handwriting and voice and chat  automatically with people.

SAGE allows users to automate virtually any task on Windows, iPhone, iPad or Linux, like reading, understanding (text and images), translating  and typing. SAGE lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings and ask queries about your database and your unstructured data. You can ask SAGE to do things just by talking the way you talk. SAGE understands what you say, knows what you mean, and talks back ;  save time and automatically read, understand, handle and create transactions from all the daily incoming texts (including Word, Excel, ERP and CRM systems) , documents and images . Anything a man can do SAGE can do better.

SAGE can learn to perform simple tasks, as well as highly complex automations (searches,  auctions, data security, data mining, planning and analyzing investments, loans, deposits and more), involving conditional IF/ELSE statements, loops, custom variables and other advanced options. SAGE can record your mouse movements and keyboard typing, watches what you type and where you click,  keeps track of which window is active, and transcribes these actions automatically into working rules without programming or scripting languages thus saving time and effort over human intervention.

SAGE can learn to move information seamlessly between applications you use every day to automate work . SAGE can learn to index, understand and search data from sensors, kiosks, meters, PDAs, appliances, cameras (still and video), smartphones, implanted medical devices and the web ; automatically captures reliable digital information and feeds it into systems and automates processes, systems, organizations and industries. SAGE can  learn to integrate and analyze data that exists in unstructured sources, for example: Web interconnectivity across people or communities, chats, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google searches and images ; yields new insights that automate action and fundamentally change the end-user experience or ecosystem. SAGE is a real-time BI, automating also forward-looking and predictive processes.

SAGE allows anyone  to configure  a robot to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems and execute business processes. SAGE utilizes the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do. SAGE interprets, triggers responses and communicates with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of tasks. Only substantially better-  never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee.

SAGE mimics the “manual” path a human worker would take to complete a task,  operating on individual desktops or enterprise servers. SAGE enables a robot for every person. Every employee can be empowered with a robot. SAGE free away employees  from mundane and complicated tasks .

SAGE is the best solution to automate accounts payable  (AP) processes, removing manual tasks, providing better visibility and control over important financial data  ; providing full automation to steps previously handled by AP staff,  enabling companies touchless processes without any human.  SAGE error rate is almost zero, processing up to 99% of their invoices in  full automation.  In any case it is lower than the percentage of human errors.  SAGE captures invoice data from digital formats and scanning, using computer Vision (AI and OCR). SAGE accounts payable Automation is integrated with the company’s accounting or ERP system, seamlessly transferring data between the two systems without straining the IT resources.

SAGE significantly reduces the risk of fraud and errors (giving management and AP staff unprecedented visibility into the flow of invoices and transactions across the company) and provides a significant cost savings for a company beyond the expected savings  from eliminating manual tasks. Companies can avoid duplicate or erroneous payments, and take advantage of early payment discounts.  SAGE is a cloud-based software suite companies of all sizes and industries and all types of supplier invoices that are handled;  supporting automatic data capture, coding and distribution of the invoice to automatic or human approver within the organization. For direct spend where there is a purchase order involved, SAGE automatically matches the invoice data to the purchase order and, if everything matches, directly sends the invoice for payment without any human intervention, supporting every invoice processing scenario and ensuring true automation of accounts payable and hard savings in time and cost, touchless invoice processing , the end goal of automation in accounts payable.

SAGE is state of the art data capture , gives you the freedom to accept invoices from your suppliers in any format, extracts the data,  enables a fully automated process and archiving  for easy access whenever necessary. SAGE machine learning continuously improves automation and accuracy in the capture phase.

SAGE allows scheduling any job on a daily, weekly, monthly or arbitrary schedule. You can easily set a job to run daily, multiple times a day, on specific days of the week or month, or you can simply specify the exact dates and times when you want your job to run. SAGE includes a complete collection of triggers that may be set to constantly monitor a system and execute jobs at specific events. You may, for example, have a trigger to monitor data and execute jobs whenever an event is created. You may monitor any Windows Service, the Windows Event Log, the running processes, the keyboard and many other aspects of the system. Every event related to SAGE is registered into its own event log.

SAGE automates browsers. It can automate web applications for testing purposes and boring web-based administration tasks as well.  It allows users to create solutions for web automation, web scraping and web testing in plain English . It’s the ultimate robot  for all of your web browser automation needs.  Whatever you used to do manually,  SAGE can do automatically – tasks like filling out forms, clicking on links, performing inquiries. SAGE is used for personal browser automation, professional web testing , web scraping projects and corporate robotic process automation for data entry,  back office automation and call center automation. It can automate any application that runs in a web browser.